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Illustration by Beth Covvey

Meat And Greet

Filling your plate at the Outfitters Ball. And then trying to fit in.

June 2018 Karen McColl
"Why must I be a western tanager in love?"                                                    BACKGROUND PHOTO FRAN HURCOMB

Spring Is For The Birders

Here's why you should pack binoculars for your trip to Yellowknife.

May 2018 Elaine Anselmi

The Bird

Runner up for the Sally Manning Award for Indigenous Creative Non-Fiction

May 2018 Jamesie Fournier
Illustration by Beth Covvey

Stuck In The Overflow

What to do when your Ski-Doo becomes a Sea-Doo

May 2018 Dwayne Wohlgemuth
Joe Hess, owner of Nunavut Country Food. Photo by Herb Mathisen

Keeping Stock

Joe Hess and Iqaluit’s one-stop country food shop

April 2018 Herb Mathisen
Photo by Stephanie Hansen

Gone Ice Fishin'

With a fish feature in the works, we figured we may as well put a few lines in and try our luck

April 2018 Up Here

Northern Health Care By The Numbers

And why it's a very different picture than anywhere else in the country...

April 2018 Up Here
Photo by Robert Kautuk

Summer School

Our April/May Arctic Moment is a look at outdoor education here in the North

April 2018 Robert Kautuk
A few familiar faces in the crowd at the inaugural Arctic Winter Games. NWT ARCHIVES/N-1979-052:1234/Sport North Federation

AWG WEEK: Where’s Pierre?

That time the Prime Minister of Canada disappeared en route to Yellowknife

March 2018 Herb Mathisen

... Or Head-Pull, Or Knuckle-Hop

How a gawky ex-athlete from Toronto took a flying leap at the Arctic’s toughest sports.

March 2018 Peter Sheldon