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The Bird

Runner up for the Sally Manning Award for Indigenous Creative Non-Fiction

May 2018 Jamesie Fournier
Illustration by Beth Covvey

Stuck In The Overflow

What to do when your Ski-Doo becomes a Sea-Doo

May 2018 Dwayne Wohlgemuth
Joe Hess, owner of Nunavut Country Food. Photo by Herb Mathisen

Keeping Stock

Joe Hess and Iqaluit’s one-stop country food shop

April 2018 Herb Mathisen
Photo by Stephanie Hansen

Gone Ice Fishin'

With a fish feature in the works, we figured we may as well put a few lines in and try our luck

April 2018 Up Here

Northern Health Care By The Numbers

And why it's a very different picture than anywhere else in the country...

April 2018 Up Here
Photo by Robert Kautuk

Summer School

Our April/May Arctic Moment is a look at outdoor education here in the North

April 2018 Robert Kautuk
A few familiar faces in the crowd at the inaugural Arctic Winter Games. NWT ARCHIVES/N-1979-052:1234/Sport North Federation

AWG WEEK: Where’s Pierre?

That time the Prime Minister of Canada disappeared en route to Yellowknife

March 2018 Herb Mathisen

... Or Head-Pull, Or Knuckle-Hop

How a gawky ex-athlete from Toronto took a flying leap at the Arctic’s toughest sports.

March 2018 Peter Sheldon
Chase Blodgett. Photo by Gary Bremner/GBP Creative

"It Felt So Me"

A trans activist’s long fight for recognition. In the North, a lobby group is often just one person...

March 2018 Rhiannon Russell

Meet Your Olympians

Canada’s North is well represented in Pyeongchang.

February 2018 Herb Mathisen