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Illustration by Beth Covvey

Getting Burned

Morel pickers keep their secrets close to the chest

May 2017 Genesee Keevil

Building A Cabin In The Woods

How to work with the seasons to have a home by next snowfall

May 2017 Dwayne Wohlgemuth

The Birth Of Persephone

On the shores of Great Slave Lake, Up Here editor Jake Kennedy joins a boatbuilding legend to...

May 2017 Jake Kennedy


Suzan Marie can transform strands of spruce root into something wonderful. It’s a neat trick — one...

May 2017 Mifi Purvis
A family heads south on Admiralty Inlet at 1 a.m. Photo by Clare Kines

Home's Where The Char Is

On the land and in the water of Admiralty Inlet, there's goose eggs and char to be had.

May 2017 Clare Kines
Photo by Hannah Eden

Le Refuge

A Yellowknife gardener channels her grief into the land—and works through the seasons of healing

May 2017 Hannah Eden
Illustration by Beth Covvey

Snow, fire, no sleep

Searching for no one in the middle of the night on a frozen bay

March 2017 Tim Edwards
Photo courtesy of Harold Grinde

Hoofin' It

How–and why–people still hunt on horseback in the Mackenzie Mountains

February 2017 Tim Edwards
Photo by Mike Rudyk

'Our Culture Is Not static’

A traditional First Nations ‘men’s game’ is being played by women in the North.

January 2017 Genesee Keevil
Photo by Thorsten Gohl

The Other Northern Paddle Sport

In a small town on the banks of the Mackenzie River, Ping Pong is more than just a game

December 2016 Elaine Anselmi