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Photo – Allen Shimada, NOAA/NMFS/OST/AMD, flickr.com/photos/noaaphotolib/5277853558/, CC BY 2.0

Caribou Head Soup For The Soul

Country food etiquette from Coral Harbour, and manners my mother taught me in the porch

June 2016 Adina Tarralik Duffy
Labrador tea, steeped, is high in vitamin C and a good relaxant.

Green Foods, Plant Medicines

17 nutritional and medicinal plants that crop up in the North's summertime

June 2016 Francis Tessier-Burns, Tim Edwards
Flying in fast food. Illustration by Beth Covvey

Long Distance Cravings

Where a Big Mac is a really big deal

June 2016 Herb Mathisen
Ryan Matthew pours the drinks. Next time you see him, you might be seeing double. Photo by Chris Healy

Get Bombed At The Brothel

Drinks are up at Bombay Peggy's in Dawson City

June 2016 Up Here
"If we're not renovating a space, we're opening something," says Schmidt (on right). Photo by Daren Gallo

Change Is Good

A timeline of the Schmidt-Kent Empire of Whitehorse

June 2016 Up Here
Made in the Yukon: Hay is a big cash crop in the Yukon; local producers can compete with southern farms because they don't have to pay major transport costs. Photo by Cathie Archbould

Can The North Feed Itself?

With caribou gut compost and narwhal chicken feed, Northerners are finding creative ways to produce...

June 2016 Up Here
Woodsmoke in a land without trees. Photo by Anubha Momin/Finding True North

A Fine Southern Tradition

Bringing southern-style barbecue to Iqaluit at Big Racks

June 2016 Up Here
If you build it, they will come. Fletcher Stevens is serving up what Yellowknifers always wanted. Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here

Yellowknife's Pride

The NWT Brewing Company takes hold in the city's Woodyard

June 2016 Up Here
The menu features hits like polenta sticks with jerk dip. Photo by Daren Gallo

Learn To Lime

Enjoying a bit of the Caribbean, at Antoinette's in Whitehorse

June 2016 Up Here
Photo by Hannah Eden

Head Hunt

Dawson City, Yukon

June 2016 Up Here