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Johnny Appleseed Of The North

One wacky cultivar at a time, John Lenart is spreading ultra-hardy trees grown for subarctic...

October 2019 Katharine Sandiford
As the number of baby squirrels multiply during mating season, so do the researchers studying them. COURTESY ERIN SIRACUSA

Nuts For Red Squirrels

Researchers find a communal haven in Kluane.

July 2019 Katharine Sandiford
Researcher Mark Fox-Powell stands at the entrance of the lost hammer spring on Axel Heiberg Island, where he studies potential conditions for life on other planets. Courtesy Gordon Osinski

Is There Life On Mars?

Researchers are using perennial Arctic springs to study how organisms could grow on other planets.

July 2019 Beth Brown

Better Than A Duck Face

Why your cell phone is a must-have in any on-the-land camp kit.

July 2019 Beth Brown
Berger with his polar bear cosplay suit. COURTESY COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY

Going To Extremes

Joel Berger dresses up as a bear to get closer to muskoxen.

July 2019 Katharine Sandiford

CHARS’ Arctic Experiment

Taking a tour of Canada’s newest Northern research station.

July 2019 Jeremy Warren
Lions and tigers and...walrus? DFO scientists were surprised to see this guy floating on an ice floe so high North. Courtesy David Yurkowski

Walrus Paparazzi

In-flight photography looks at marine mammals in the last ice area.

July 2019 Beth Brown
Justine Hudson waits for some whale snot samples. COURTESY JUSTINE HUDSON

Snot For Science

How do you test Hudson Bay whales for stress? Wait for a beluga to blow its nose. Gesundheit.

July 2019 Jacob Boon

When A Sacred Tree Falls, Everyone Hears About It

After a windstorm topples the Yellowknives Dene's hallowed conifer, the First Nation comes...

April 2019 Jeremy Warren
A wildfire burning in 2014. CREDIT KYLE THOMAS, VIA FACEBOOK

A Wildfire Post-Mortem

The Northwest Territories is better prepared for future wildfire outbreaks, according to an all-...

March 2019 Jacob Boon