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Rush Hour

Our Arctic Moment for July/August

July 2018 Up Here
Shaggy mane, orange delicious, oyster mushrooms. Illustrations by Beth Covvey

Just For Fungi

Wisdom and warnings on mushroom picking in the North

June 2018 Elaine Anselmi
Courtesy Petter Jacobsen

Those Who Know

The Bathurst caribou herd once numbered 500,000 and in less than two generations, that’s fallen to...

May 2018 Brad Badelt
TESTING THE WATERS: Students learn how to check what's in their water, out in a boat on the Mackenzie River. Photo by Patrick Kane

What's Upstream, Comes Down

Monitoring the vital signs of the Cold Amazon

September 2017 Fraser Los
Long haul: It's 7 p.m. at the icy shore of Pond Inlet, Nunavut. Photo by Elaine Anselmi

A Refuge At Risk

Subsistence hunting in the Eastern Arctic hangs on one area of open water in North Baffin Bay. And...

September 2017 Elaine Anselmi
Illustration by Beth Covvey

What Does 24 Hours Of Light Do To Animals?

It’s a time of non-stop foraging, flirting and feasting—northern fauna get while the getting's...

June 2017 Elaine Anselmi

Life After Death

Behind the scenes of a Northern taxidermy workshop

June 2017 Hannah Eden
Illustration by Beth Covvey

What Does 24 Hours Of Light Do To People?

Human beings are biologically and culturally rooted to day and night in ways that don’t work

June 2017 Tim Edwards
Photo courtesy Shane Andre

The Solar Expedition

For half the year, the North has bottomless potential for renewable energy. And then the lights go...

June 2017 Elaine Anselmi
Rob Fraser/Canada Center for Remote sensing

Epilogue To The Ice Age

Massive landslides and shifting rivers may mean the Laurentide Ice Sheet is only now disappearing...

May 2017 Tim Edwards