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Photo by Darren Roberts

The Middle of Everywhere

Most official maps today show the North to be a vast, empty land, with scattered communities and...

February 2016 Samia Madwar
Ian Stirling. Photo by Émilie Smith

He Speaks for the Polar Bears

No fear-mongering. No exaggeration. For Ian Stirling, it's purely about the science.

February 2016 Samia Madwar
Paleontologist Elizabeth Hall stands on an exposure of permafrost at a placer mine, where Ice Age mammal bones are typically found. Photo courtesy of Government of Yukon

Fossil Gold Mines

Placer miners in the Yukon are churning out ice age bones at an industrial rate

November 2015 Daniel Campbell

Sheila's Wisdom

She fights for nature and for human rights. Now she's showing others how to keep fighting

July 2015 Samia Madwar

Morel Hunting: Hitting the Right Spots

Hit the right spots; if you know where to go, you're golden.

June 2015 Daniel Campbell
That's the way the coast crumbles: A collapsed block of permafrost on the coast of Alaska, releasing stored carbon from frozen decomposing organic matter into the water.

The Apocalypse is Now

Why permafrost is the scariest, most thrilling thing in the Arctic

May 2015 Samia Madwar
Lone figures: there are around 5,000 wolves in the Yukon, but no current estimates for the NWT or Nunavut.

Rebels with Claws

They're misunderstood and they don't give a damn

March 2015 Samia Madwar
Bullwinkle and his willow-loving brethren are following their favourite food source farther north.

Invasion of the Shrubs

Big changes are coming-one shoot at a time

March 2015 Lesley Evans Ogden
Illustration by Tonia Cowan

Swarm out there

Climate change is allowing biting flies to move farther North, partly because it’s getting warmer,...

July 2014 Up Here
Alexandra Falls is one of several highlights of the Mackenzie Highway waterfall route. Photo by Adam Hill

The North’s Top 15 Waterways

How to dive into an iceberg, swim with canaries of the sea, avoid seamonsters in the Arctic—and...

July 2014 Up Here