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Get Bombed At The Brothel

Get Bombed At The Brothel

Drinks are up at Bombay Peggy's in Dawson City
By Up Here
Jun 10
From the June 2016 Issue

Start your Dawson City bar-crawl here, while you can still taste what you’re drinking. The gold rush city’s world-class cocktail bar, Bombay Peggy’s, boasts such mixes as:

Bloomer Remover:

a classic gin martini

Easy Lai:

a tropical highball

Peggys old fashioned:

bourbon with maple syrup

Peggys old fashioned. Photo by Chris Healy

50˚ Below Job:

cool, sweet and full of vodka

Brazen Hussy:

gin and juice done right


Need we say more? Well, we would if we could print it.