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Our North

Courtesy Kayley Inuksuk Mackay

A Cut Above

Yellowknife’s Kenneth Ingniqjuk Mackay crafts saw blades into strong, sharp, and stylish uluit.

December 2019 Jacob Boon
Dana Tizya-Tramm, pictured in Whitehorse. CATHIE ARCHBOULD

Bringing Old Crow To The World

The youngest Vuntut Gwitchin chief in recent history only moved back to his home community six...

December 2019 Eva Holland

A Stitch In Time

When hobbies go rogue.

November 2019 Jessica Davey-Quantick
Chef and former opera personality Michael Lockley is leading a new meal program at the city's men's shelter.  UP HERE/BETH BROWN

The Singing Chef

Food security takes centre stage in the kitchen of Michael Lockley, an international opera singer...

November 2019 Beth Brown

The Ghosts Of Rankin Inlet

Who you gonna call when the ghosts are coming from inside the fire hall?

October 2019 Jessica Davey-Quantick
Some of our staffers were out to lunch.

The People Who Helped Make It All Happen 

The content producers and office workers from the past 35 years.

October 2019 Marion LaVigne, Ronne Heming

Our Most Memorable and Expensive Issues

Polar bears and bare bums.

October 2019 Marion LaVigne, Ronne Heming
Ironically Franklin is likely more famous in failure than if he had succeeded. COURTESY PARKS CANADA

35 Years In The North: The Past Five Years

Finding lost history under the waves and opening up new horizons on the Arctic coast.

September 2019 Jacob Boon
How our production office (and staff) once looked. UP HERE

Where We've Lived

Some office memories from our 35 years.

September 2019 Marion LaVigne

Rest In Peace, Martin Dover

We've got a confession to make about Up Here's most prolific contributor.

September 2019 Jessica Davey-Quantick