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Our North

Photo by Patrick Kane/Up Here

The Leader

Nellie Cournoyea has never shied away from a tough battle

January 2016 Elaine Anselmi
Illustration by Beth Covvey

Counterfeit Northerners

Or why i feel guilty for having a toilet that flushes

December 2015 Katie Weaver

NOTY Shortlist: The Composter

One composter's "organic residuals" are Garret Gillespie's treasure.

December 2015 Eva Holland

Where Trappers Gather

Every winter, Manitoba’s trappers head to the Thompson Fur Table to sell their wares at what’s...

October 2013 Margo Pfeiff

The One Who Jumped

A young man, depressed, desperate. In the North, it's too common. But the death of Julian...

November 2012 Eva Holland

How To Winterize Your bike

Tips to keep your two-wheeler rolling through the chill

January 2011 Up Here