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Our North

Nunavut Lifeline: Medics rush a patient in Arviat onto a King Air 200 for a medevac to Manitoba before a winter storm hits. Photo by Paul Aningat.

Between Good Health And Home

Stories from the frontlines of Northern health care

April 2018 Elaine Anselmi, Herb Mathisen, Jessica Davey-Quantick, Katharine Sandiford


The winner of the 2017 Sally Manning Award for Indigenous Creative Non-Fiction

April 2018 Dennis Allen

Frogs That Come Back To Life

What can humanity learn from the miraculous wood frog?

March 2018 Jessica Davey-Quantick
Who you gonna call? Jill Rivera, zombie hunter. That's who. Photo by John Pekelsky

Are You Ready?

Prepare for the worst with our Northern Zombie Survival Guide

March 2018 Jessica Davey-Quantick
Photo courtesy of Shawn Kitchen

The Man With Nine Lives

He’s been shot at, hit by a truck and fallen from the sky. Meet Shawn Kitchen.

March 2018 Katharine Sandiford
Photo by Patrick Kane

The Human Magnet

Yellowknife’s Aquaman finds sunken treasures. Will his next discovery be alien life?

March 2018 Elaine Anselmi
Illustration by Beth Covvey

Cold Therapy

On embracing goosebumps and chattering teeth

March 2018 Katie Weaver
Illustration by Beth Covvey

The Struggle To Stay Put

Three men wait out a blizzard for three days. In a two-man tent.

March 2018 Peter Autut

The Finest Spring Skiing In The World

Inuvik’s races once hosted world champions. Now it's all about fun.

March 2018 Jess Dunkin

Loving the Ulu News

From baiting ravens with vodka to checking hares for radiation: A collection of oddball stories...

March 2018 Herb Mathisen