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Russia's Arctic is a diverse place, with 41 documented indigenous groups. Photo copyright B&C Alexander/Arcticphoto

A Neverending Land

Russia has a rich, vibrant array of indigenous cultures. But those people don't have it so...

May 2016 Samia Madwar
Aleqa Hammond, former prime minister of Greenland. Photo by Ellen Emmerntze Jervell/The Wall Street Journal

Secede To Succeed

Greenland's former prime minister Aleqa Hammond is the loudest, most insistent voice calling...

May 2016 Samia Madwar

What Can Our North Become?

Canada’s North is slowly becoming more accessible and self-sufficient, but some of our Arctic...

May 2016 Samia Madwar
This carving, of Judge J.H. Sissons’ first trial in the NWT, depicts an early interaction between Canada’s legal system and the Inuit. An Inuk, Kaotok, stands before Sissons to answer a charge that he murdered his father on the sea ice. Part of the Sissons/Morrow Collection. © Supreme Court of the Northwest Territories

Law Of The Land

How Norway and Nunavut give indigenous people a say in the justice system

May 2016 Samia Madwar
Homunculus. By Franz Xaver Simm (1853-1918) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Coming To Our Census

Tips to help the NWT cash in on transfer payments

April 2016 Up Here
Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here

Our Man In The Red Chamber

The NWT then and now, with its former premier and current senator Nick Sibbeston

January 2016 Tim Edwards
Natan Obed, 39, the president of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami. Photo courtesy of ITK

Identity Crisis

What does it mean to be Inuk in 2015?

December 2015 Samia Madwar
Left to right: Dëneze Nakehk'o, Nina Larsson, Maslyn Scott, Tania Larsson, Kyla Kakfwi Scott, Eugene Boulanger. In front: Amos Scott with Sadeya Scott. Photo: Hannah Eden/Up Here

The Dene Way

Here's what happens when a group of young, skilled, educated people decides to stop talking at...

September 2015 Samia Madwar

Our Riding Is Bigger Than Yours

And that presents one mighty big problem for Nunavut candidates

September 2015 Laura Busch

The North's Own Game

Tensions, compromise, allegiances and betrayal: how consensus government really works

September 2015 Tim Edwards