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August 2015 Issue
Yours to Explore

We may have GPS and satellite phones, high-tech gear and well-mapped routes, but the age of exploration is far from over—in the North, at least. Here, there’s still ground few have covered and recorded; the Northwest Passage continues to mystify seasoned expeditioners, and the world has an appetite for learning more about the North. There is still so much to discover.
Our August issue will introduce the North's modern-day explorers, who brave the extremes to break new ground in Arctic research, who go to great lengths to raise worldwide attention on Northern issues and those who complete an epic challenge for their own personal sense of accomplishment. They'll tell us what drives them, what equipment they rely on and what new discoveries are on the horizon.
Don't miss the opportunity to advertise in this magazine, which will accompany hikers, backpackers and paddlers alike on their future quests. It will be distributed to visitors centres across the North, and go out to thousands of regular subscribers across the continent and to newsstands cross Canada. And, of course, it will be available on all of Canadian North's scheduled and chartered flights.

BONUS: Aviation Special
Pilots truly are the contemporary expeditioners of the North. The confident, daring and charismatic characters at the helm of their trusted aircraft did more than any other industry to open up the North to business development and opportunity. Although many Northern communities now have all-season road service (not you, Nunavut), it doesn't diminish the importance of the airline industry, as it is still counted on to fly food to communities, to transport Northerners to hospitals for emergency medical procedures, and it is essential to innumerable industries—from mineral exploration to vital research.

We chart the history of aviation in the North—and find out where it's going—from those who know best: the founders and pioneers of the business up here. We'll also explain the most recent developments with the North's major carriers, the comings and goings of iconic aircraft and look at how much cargo comes and goes from the North. Make sure you're a part of this story.

The life of the park warden
Our parks are some of the most remote, unspoiled places to camp and hike in the world. And park wardens spend their time monitoring these spots, protecting campers from wildlife and ensuring that the trails are groomed off the beaten path. We follow along with our park wardens as they put out fires in more ways than one. We find out who they are, what they do and what makes them tick.

Beauty in the bush
When you think of spending time in the bush, it often conjures up the image of mosquito swarms, a baking sun and an overall dirty experience. But this guide to beauty in the bush means you can survive in the sticks and still look good doing it.

The Nahanni jump-off
Fort Simpson is the de facto starting destination for any Nahanni River quest. But is there more to the Dehcho hub than a jumping-off point to the untamed, pristine river? We have the inside scoop.

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