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Beth Brown

Amber Giles, Nastania Mullin, Meegwun Giles and Mason Mullin champion the Nunavut flag. PHOTOS BY BETH BROWN
Check out these photos from the celebration in Iqaluit.
July 2019
Lions and tigers and...walrus? DFO scientists were surprised to see this guy floating on an ice floe so high North. Courtesy David Yurkowski
In-flight photography looks at marine mammals in the last ice area.
July 2019
Indigenous scholar Norma Kassi on a new era of research in the North.
July 2019
Bernice Clarke, founder of Uasau Soap. Photo by Beth Brown
The territory is experiencing a wave of entrepreneurship led by women.
June 2019
Book reviews for your summer reading list.
June 2019
Margaret Lawrence at home in her kitchen, surrounded by some of her hand-sewn grass baskets. PHOTOS BY BETH BROWN
Women are bringing baskets to Nunavut again, one blade of grass at a time.
June 2019
Experts say DEET is still one of the best ways to avoid this situation. PHOTO: STEVE OLGLE
They’re the uninvited guest at every camping trip, and arguably the worst part of summer. Nuisance or not—is it possible to imagine a mosquito-free North? And is there a lesson to take from these resilient pests that everyone loves to hate?
June 2019
The international Inuit art phenomenon marks its 60th anniversary this year. It’s celebrating by looking back—and looking forward.
May 2019
Check out photos from the opening ceremonies of the annual spring celebration.
April 2019
Illustration Beth Covvey
On the important role Iqaluit's thrift shop plays in the life cycle of stuff
December 2017