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Elaine Anselmi

Rangers training in Arctic survival at the Crystal City site. PHOTOS COURTESY LOUIE PALU/NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
A photo exhibit illustrates the militarization of the North and its unknown target.
July 2019
Porcupine caribou graze in the Blow River Valley, in northeastern Yukon. CREDIT WERONIKA MURRAY
As The U.S. government’s 30-year fight to drill for oil in vital caribou habitat intensifies, here’s what it
 means for the community of Old Crow—and the Vuntut Gwitchin who share the land with the Porcupine herd.
March 2019
In Hopedale, Labrador, van Koeverden paddles a qajaq for the first time. Photo courtesy Students on Ice Foundation/ Garry Tutte
Olympic kayaker Adam Van Koeverden gets in a qajaq for the first time
January 2019
Illustration by Beth Covvey
Riding along with Canada's greatest conversation starter
January 2019
Donuts by Beth Covvey
And convincing the bosses at national headquarters to get on board
January 2019
How the Arctic figures in southern fires and floods
January 2019
Photo courtesy Diavik Diamond Mines
The hair necessities of tracking grizzlies on the tundra
January 2019
Illustration by Beth Covvey
How space hoses and glacier snuggies could keep the Earth cool
January 2019
Illustration by Beth Covvey
How one woman built the perfect place to live, and love followed.
December 2018