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Eva Holland

Photo courtesy of Philippa Ootoowak
Meet Philippa Ootoowak—Pond Inlet's nurse-turned-librarian-turned-archivist
June 2017
Illustration by Beth Covvey
A small town, a small boost in population, and an even smaller amount of internet to share
March 2017
​Abandoned in the midst of Great Slave Lake, the miners had just one hope: Build a boat, set sail — and pray
September 2013
Illustration by Beth Covvey
Scenes from a surreal visit
December 2016
Who do you think is in charge? Writer Eva Holland and her former boss Kel Sax. Photo courtesy of Eva Holland
To survive in the bush, guns, whiskey and a good dog can’t be beat. But to make a living digging for gold you need to be a certain kind of person. Meet Kel Sax.
November 2016
From reality television shows to bushcraft schools and bestselling books: Why are we so obsessed with survival?
October 2016
Photo by Richard Martin (2008 Alaska Cruise 133) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
Skagway and Whitehorse swap bikini waxes for brown curry
May 2016
Photo courtesy Old Town Paddle
They stand on them. Race on them. Even fish on them. Take a look at the most conspicuous invasive species in the North's waters: stand-up paddleboards.
April 2016
Photo by Eva Holland
A brutal accident could have made Darryl Tait leave his old life behind. Instead, he became a pioneer.
March 2016
Paddlers cross Lake Laberge during the 2015 Yukon River Quest. Photo by Joel Krahn
How to find your way in the world of Northern outdoor sports–even when you're out of your depths.
March 2016