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And why it's a very different picture than anywhere else in the country...
April 2018
Illustration by Alison McCreesh
We've got dispatches from the frontlines of Northern health care and so much more in this double issue of Up Here.
March 2018
This photo garnered honourable mention in the Science & Nature category. Photo by Fred Lemire
Announcing the winners of the 2017 Up Here Photo Contest
March 2018
Here's a look at our March issue, with the Northern Enquirer and our annual readers photo contest
February 2018
Iqaluit: A night at the Storehouse. Photo courtesy of Toronto Star Rene Johnston.
Booze isn't widely available in Nunavut, but you can crack a cold one in a few places
February 2018
Bingo in Pang: Pack your dauber and tune in to radio bingo. Photo courtesy of Sarah on the Road.
So, you’ve finished hiking the Akshayuk Pass and your adrenaline’s still pumping
February 2018
Quest's Best: You can help hoist the winner of the Nunavut Quest into the air in Pond Inlet in late-April. Photo by Clare Kines.
Pond Inlet has more going on than jaw-dropping natural landscapes
February 2018
An innovative program lets students stay in their community while earning a Bachelor’s degree
January 2018
Stay Warm: Tourists view the aurora from a heated pod. Photo courtesy of Aurora Village.
Guests at Aurora Village, the resort just outside Yellowknife, make the most of the cold
February 2018
Photo by Adobe Stock.
You don’t have much to choose from in the Sahtu’s largest community. but A lack of options in Norman Wells isn’t a lack of quality
February 2018