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Jacob Boon

Jumping a 450-pound vehicle 70 feet into the air is the preferred method of relaxation for this X-Games athlete from Yellowknife.
January 2020
Bill Braden looks to the sky. Up Here/Jacob Boon
Setting out to photograph the northern lights with a fresh set of eyes.
December 2019
Northern book reviews, just in time for the holiday season.
December 2019
Courtesy Kayley Inuksuk Mackay
Yellowknife’s Kenneth Ingniqjuk Mackay crafts saw blades into strong, sharp, and stylish uluit.
December 2019
The First Face carving is 1,000 years older than the city of Rome. COURTESY CANADIAN MUSEUM OF HISTORY
A spear piece from 8,000 years ago in the Yukon says a lot about how art is interpreted today.
November 2019
Scott Williamson’s hobby does more than keep him connected. It also takes him off the grid. Way off.  CATHIE ARHBOULD
Scott Williamson, Northwestel’s manager of transportation and facilities, spends his weekends helicoptering to mountaintop radio transmitters as part of the Yukon Amateur Radio Association.
November 2019
Making television in the North takes a community.
November 2019
Let’s raise a glass to Marko and Meghan Marjanovic, the husband-and-wife team behind Winterlong Brewing Co. They’ve figured out how to create a partnership that works both on the job and at home.
November 2019
Sarah MacDougall is writing songs for the vast, yet intimate, North.
November 2019
“Wnoondwaamin | we hear them,” on display in Toronto in 2016. Courtesy Frei Njootli/Toni Hafkensheid
Jeneen Frei Njootli wants you to hear how loud an antler can be.
November 2019