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Jacob Boon

Over the past 35 years, we've featured a polar bear on the cover 12 times (most recently in March of this year).
Land claims were negotiated, Giant Mine exploded, and the world looked north.
September 2019
Nunami Sukuijainiq: A Youth Arctic Ecology Land Camp Program, 2018 Arctic Inspiration Prize Laureate. Photo: Alistair Maitland/Arctic Inspiration Prize (via Facebook)
Up to $3 million in prize money is up for grabs for Northern organizations and teams with big ideas for the future.
July 2019
The Moose Horn Pass caribou fence has seen better days, but still stands. Courtesy Gary Beckhusen
Rings within white spruce offer a temporal fingerprint for the Moose Horn Pass caribou fence.
July 2019
The iconic KFC sign comes down in 2015 after 47 years in business. PHOTO BY PAT KANE
Researchers study the public reaction when Yellowknife’s favourite fried chicken flew the coop.
July 2019
Justine Hudson waits for some whale snot samples. COURTESY JUSTINE HUDSON
How do you test Hudson Bay whales for stress? Wait for a beluga to blow its nose. Gesundheit.
July 2019
The NWT wants Newfoundland seal served on Yellowknife menus for Asian tourists.
June 2019
A behind-the-scenes look at the museum's operations and collections before its 40th birthday celebration this weekend.
June 2019
The first Inuvialuk artist ever nominated for the prestigious national art prize.
June 2019
Students at Attagoyuk Ilisavik in Pangnirtung cheer on the Raptors. VIA STEPHEN PARMITER
Raptors fans across the territories are rooting on Canada's team in the NBA finals.
June 2019
Toe "master" Terry Lee holds up his latest acquisition.
Nick Griffiths' frostbitten digit has completed its year-long adventure from an English bedside to a Yukon whiskey glass.
June 2019