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Jessica Davey-Quantick

Photo by Matt Jacques
Bands of feral horses have been galloping around the Yukon for the last century. Today, they’re treated as an invasive species, but these horses may be descendants of Ice Age equines—and that could guarantee their legal protection. Paleontologists just have to prove it.
November 2018
Meet Pangnirtung’s Amka Aliyak—Marvel’s newest superhero, Snowguard
November 2018
The cast and crew of Kiviuq Returns. The play was performed on theatre stages in southern Canada—and scaled down in school gyms in Nunavut. Courtesy Qaggiavuut/Jamie Griffiths
It's about time Nunavut had a performing arts centre
October 2018
What do you do with that fall berry bounty from your backyard?
September 2018
Where plumbing isn’t practical, Northerners still make do
August 2018
In Yellowknife, billion-year-old Precambrian Shield comes with the house. Photo courtesy of Simon Taylor.
A house divided against its surroundings cannot stand
August 2018
Bring patience and a plan to the competitive world of Yellowknife garage saleing
July 2018
Buff-breasted sandpiper. Photo by courtesy Ronan Dugan
How climate change is destroying one bird's tundra dance floor
July 2018
Illustration by Beth Covvey
You spend months at a time getting swarmed by bugs, or chasing fire, or being stalked by wolves. For some intrepid Northerners, that’s just about the best way to spend a summer.
July 2018
What a $1-million prize will do for an NWT Indigenous wellness project
June 2018