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Laura Busch

Robert "Yogi Bear" Chenard and Brenda "Boo Boo" Penney run the Louise Falls day-use campground off the Mackenzie Highway, near the Alberta/NWT border. Photo Hannah Eden
Meet the people who make Northern campgrounds funnier, friendlier, and just a bit weirder.
August 2015
And that presents one mighty big problem for Nunavut candidates
September 2015
Illustration by Beth Covvey
Shapeshifters, a haunted hotel, the echoes of past wars—here’s what happens in the North when the sun goes down.
October 2015
D'arcy Moses at his studio in Enterprise, NWT. Photo: Hannah Eden
Nearly 20 years ago he disappeared into the bush to find his Northern roots. Now he’s ready to step back into the Canadian fashion scene—and bring the North along with him.
October 2015
Abraham Anghik Ruben (r) with Bob Carpenter, circa 1977. Photo: Fran Hurcomb
For decades, Abraham Anghik Ruben has recorded the old stories about how things used to be in the Arctic. But his published works aren’t volumes of print. They’re monuments of stone, ivory, bone and bronze.
July 2015
Yukoner Jurg Hofer starts his morel harvesting early to beat the heat. When he's filled a few baskets, around 12 pounds of morels per basket, he brings them to buyers. Photo: Linda Gerrand
The NWT is preparing for a morel mushroom rush this summer. We break down the hype, and find out everything you need to know to get in on the action.
June 2015
The latest trend in the North? Tiny, mobile homes. Photo courtesy ATA Pop Homes & Leaf House
The North’s unique set of circumstances, demands and demographics typically go against a company’s bottom line. But these entrepreneurs have taken those challenges head on and are proving that an unconventional idea can go a long way when you understand the North.
May 2015
Courtesy Melissa Figueroa
Repulse Bay kids paint by their own rules
April 2015