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Randy Freeman

After the Second World War, miners and prospectors flocked to gold-rich Yellowknife and drained the town’s most precious commodity. What ensued was a uniquely Northern crisis.
To 18th-century voyageurs, Inuit were mythic savages, dangerous and strange. Did they kill Duncan Livingston and his crew?
It's the North's coldest cold case: Two centuries ago at the mouth of the Mackenzie, six bold fur traders came to grief. Did 'Eskimos' murder them? Or was it an inside job?
February 2011
Patrick Kane
To please his Scottish bride, a Wrigley fur trader learns to stitch and sew
July 2011
In 1946, Bert Holland answered wrong in the game show, Truth or Consequence. His penalty: a trip to Yellowknife
June 2013
Ted Horton, Yellowknife's newsman-turned-mayor, wasn't about to let the provinces take over the NWT. He fired up his printing press and went to battle. NWT Archives/N-1979-052-6574
Prairie leaders wanted to annex the territories. But Yellowknife's mayor beat them at their own game.
December 2011
The hastily constructed banks of early Yellowknife were easy to rob. NWT Archives/N-1979-053-0079
Three fools attempt a heist of one of Yellowknife's first banks, but are too drunk
April 2011