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Tim Edwards

Mountie in wellies: Bill White, in the foreground, aboard the RCMP ship, St. Roch, in the 1930s. The straight-shooting, no-B.S. White is the subject of Mountie in Mukluks. Vancouver Maritime Museum
A closer look at one of the stranger books in the Arctic canon—and why its author would do things differently today
September 2018
Illustration by Beth Covvey
Human beings are biologically and culturally rooted to day and night in ways that don’t work
June 2017
Rob Fraser/Canada Center for Remote sensing
Massive landslides and shifting rivers may mean the Laurentide Ice Sheet is only now disappearing from Canada’s North
May 2017
The most fantastic and harrowing journeys in the North aren’t taken by human beings
April 2017
Photo by Kat Siepmann
Photo courtesy of Harold Grinde
How–and why–people still hunt on horseback in the Mackenzie Mountains
February 2017
Illustration by Beth Covvey
Stories of courage and calm in the worst of times
February 2017
Illustration by Beth Covvey
Searching for no one in the middle of the night on a frozen bay
March 2017
Photo by Tim Edwards
From summits to suds with Yukon trailfinder and brewmaster Marko Marjanovic
January 2016
Photo by Ian Stewart/Yukon News
He’s found the healing balm of tragedy. His mantra is, “Money is not the only currency.” A philosopher on skis and stage lighting artist, Gary Bailie is our Northerner of the Year
December 2016