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Tim Querengesser

Tom Zubko of New North Networks is one of the masterminds behind Inuvik's fledgling commercial space industry. PHOTO BY WERONIKA MURRAY
Inuvik has always been blessed by its geography, which includes its proximity to major—but long idle—oil and gas. But its latest bit of luck isn’t buried in the ground—it’s in space. Can an economically struggling community cash in?
May 2019
The Firth sisters at the end of their career. Photo by Tessa MacIntosh
The miracle that came from the Delta
January 2010
LEBENSRAUM: The first-ever Nazi landing in North America took place after a U-boat surfaced off Labrador’s Arctic coast near the end of the Second World War. The Germans set up a secret weather station that went undetected for 30 years. Artwork by Greg Hill
During the Second World War, knowing the weather meant winning the fight. That's why German sailors made a top-secret incursion into Canada's Arctic.
October 2009