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Jessica Davey-Quantick

What do you do with that fall berry bounty from your backyard?
September 2018
Where plumbing isn’t practical, Northerners still make do
August 2018
In Yellowknife, billion-year-old Precambrian Shield comes with the house. Photo courtesy of Simon Taylor.
A house divided against its surroundings cannot stand
August 2018
Bring patience and a plan to the competitive world of Yellowknife garage saleing
July 2018
Buff-breasted sandpiper. Photo by courtesy Ronan Dugan
How climate change is destroying one bird's tundra dance floor
July 2018
Illustration by Beth Covvey
You spend months at a time getting swarmed by bugs, or chasing fire, or being stalked by wolves. For some intrepid Northerners, that’s just about the best way to spend a summer.
July 2018
What a $1-million prize will do for an NWT Indigenous wellness project
June 2018
Alison McCreesh's latest book is a look at daily life in many Norths.
May 2018
Nunavut Lifeline: Medics rush a patient in Arviat onto a King Air 200 for a medevac to Manitoba before a winter storm hits. Photo by Paul Aningat.
What can humanity learn from the miraculous wood frog?
March 2018