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Le Boreal moored off of Gjoa Haven. Photo by Elaine Anselmi
With more people making stops in the coastal communities of Canada’s Arctic, what do cruise ship passengers and locals hope to get out of the experience?
December 2017
Dorthe and Jens Kjeldsen hunker down in Resolute, Nunavut as they wait for the ice to move. Photo by Mark Kelly
A Greenland couple feels at home in the Northwest Passage
December 2017
Final breakup of the Inuvik-Tuk ice road. Photo by Kristian Binder
An oral history of the road from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk
November 2017
A 400-kilometre hike on the Arctic Coast and the gifts you receive along the way
September 2017
Slave River Paddlefest. Photo by Patrick Kane
In the North with no plans for the next three days? We’ve got you covered
August 2017
Nahanni National Park. Photo courtesy Rob Stimpson/Parks Canada
Close to the city or far, far away from everything—here's some of the North's best hikes.
May 2017
Photo by Hannah Eden
Joe Reid feels right at home when he’s a long way from nowhere
April 2017
Mount Asgard. Photo by Artur Stanisz
Hoodoos, craters and mountains—there's a lot to see above the 60th parallel.
March 2017
Photo by Kat Siepmann
Illustration by Beth Covvey
Stories of courage and calm in the worst of times
February 2017