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Jimmy Thomson

Northern airlines face a host of challenges. High fuel costs. Staffing shortages. Intense competition for small markets. What can be done to make a critical industry more sustainable?
June 2019
Aurora tour operators in Yellowknife have turned their city into the aurora capital of the world. This is the story of how it happened.
June 2019
Illustration by Beth Covvey
On surviving the tour de Great Slave Lake
October 2018
Scientists take a water sample during the Canada C3 trip last summer, as part of one of the largest eDNA surveys ever conducted. Later, this sample will be analyzed and the DNA it contains will paint a picture of the species present in the area. Courtesy Students on Ice Foundation/Taylor Roades
How environmental DNA is showing us all of the life we cannot see
July 2018
What's in the job description? Spend hours on the open deck, waiting for the wildlife to show up. Courtesy Mark Cowardine/One Ocean
What's it like to wake up to stunning Arctic vistas, watch polar bears all day and hike across the tundra--and get paid for it? Just ask Jimmy Thomson.
April 2015