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Riding the rails on the White Pass Railway between Skagway and Carcross.

Routes Well Travelled

Grit and ingenuity have kept the North connected for more than a century.

June 2019 Up Here
Toe "master" Terry Lee holds up his latest acquisition.

Dawson City Receives New Sour Toe

Nick Griffiths' frostbitten digit has completed its year-long adventure from an English...

June 2019 Jacob Boon
A steep climb up the trail's Golden Stairs, a snow-patched boulder field. PHOTOS BY MATT HOSFORD

Chasing The Rush On The Chilkoot Trail

Trail running the 53-kilometre journey from Alaska to the Yukon, all in a single day.

April 2019 Matt Hosford

The North In 12 Months

Race outhouses, hunt for seal, and vote for the ultimate Yukon man: your guide to uniquely Northern...

February 2019 Jessica Davey-Quantick
hannah eden/nwt tourism

What's so great about fishing in the north?

Anglers spend many thousands of dollars to fly to remote lodges in the three territories. Here’s...

February 2019 Herb Mathisen

Air Traffic Jam

Nothing brings the North together like a flight delay

December 2018 Herb Mathisen
Illustration by Beth Covvey

Naked And Afraid

The bear spray's hard to find when there's no belt to clip it to

October 2018 Anna Tupakka
Illustration Beth Covvey

A Polar Bear Plunge

And the things you might see before your morning coffee in Nunatsiavut

October 2018 Marc Fawcett-Atkinson
Photo by Patrick Kane

Couchsurf The Yukon

... and get a lot more than a free place to stay.

September 2018 Katharine Sandiford
Victor Wejer in the 'NWP Studio.' Photo by Andrew Reimer

The Vicarious Captain

Meet the retiree who, for the last decade, has guided vessels through the icy narrows of the...

September 2018 Elaine Anselmi