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Photo by Anna Tupakka
Travelling to Canada’s most remote river: The Thelon
January 2017
Photo by Jiri Hermann
And why you should trade in the convertible for the jeep with winter tires
January 2017
Photo by Fritz Mueller/Parks Canada
Sometimes the best adventure awaits down the road less travelled. Spend Canada’s 150th birthday in its wildest Northern parks.
January 2017
Photo by Sayamindu Dasgupta
Things seen and unseen near Fort Smith
January 2017
Photo by Bostjan Skrlj
And the adventurous few who keep them running back and forth across Hudson Bay
December 2016
Welcome to Resolute, where, every winter, flocks of obsessive and frostbite-scarred North Pole trekkers launch their conquests of the Arctic – while weary townsfolk roll their eyes.
January 2013
Illustration by Beth Covvey
How a hiking route gets its name
November 2016
Illustration by Beth Covvey
The North is no country for thin leggings
November 2016
From reality television shows to bushcraft schools and bestselling books: Why are we so obsessed with survival?
October 2016
Atlin, B.C. Photo by Jerrye & Roy Klotz/Wikimedia Commons
Atlin's brief reign as Yukon's music mecca
September 2016