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The Church of Our Lade of Providence was built in 1899. Photo by Patrick Kane

A Crossroads Town

Why you should take your time in Fort Providence, NWT, and order the doughnuts ahead of time

January 2015 Samia Madwar

A Cold and Deadly Place

Three summers ago, a hiker vanished on the Yukon's Donjek Route. When authorities found his...

November 2014 Eva Holland
Base Jumping off Mount Asgard, Baffin Island

Base Instincts

Baffin Island’s become an unlikely mecca for some of the most extreme thrill-seekers and BASE...

November 2014 Cody Punter
The southern portion of the Ogilvie Mountain range includes Tombstone Mountain, for which the park is named, and Mount Monolith.

At Home in Tombstone

Every summer, Anna Tupakka and her partner roam in the Yukon wilderness. Bugs, broken gear and...

July 2014 Anna Tupakka
Photo by Angela Gzowski

Visions of Deline

A tiny community beside a huge body of water makes a historic decision. Its prophet would approve.

July 2014 Tim Edwards

Klondike or Bust! By Bus!

Each summer, thousands of tourists witness the Yukon through the windows of air-conditioned tour...

July 2013 Eva Holland

Hot Happenings

Summer in the North is frantic with antics: floatplane rallies, salmon-fishing derbies, midnight-...

July 2013 Up Here

Getting It Wrong: Going North

In 1946, Bert Holland answered wrong in the game show, Truth or Consequence. His penalty: a trip to...

June 2013 Randy Freeman

'If it's explorer season, why can't we shoot them?'

Welcome to Resolute, where, every winter, flocks of obsessive and frostbite-scarred North Pole...

January 2013 Margo Pfeiff