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A Packrafter's Paradise

Northerners are discovering the joys that come with a boat that fits in a bag.

May 2018 Karen McColl
Illustration by Beth Covvey

That's One Really Big Boat

For more than a decade, Bruce Elliott has been building his giant catamaran. This summer, it hits...

March 2018 Elaine Anselmi
Photo by Angela Gzowski

Welcome To The Top Of The World

Tuktoyaktuk nears the end of a long road back to prosperity

February 2018 Herb Mathisen
Photo courtesy of Heike Graf

Rocking The House

Up close and personal with Yukon’s top musicians

February 2018 Katharine Sandiford
Get your fix and kick up your feet. Photo courtesy of Heike Graf

Epicurean Tour Of The Southern Lakes

Our guide to good eats in the Yukon

February 2018 Katharine Sandiford
A Yukon River pleasure cruise. Photo courtesy Ayra Fox/Klondike Visitors Association

Underground Fun In The Klondike

Things to do in Dawson City that you won’t find in your guidebook

February 2018 Katharine Sandiford
Take the scenic drive up Haeckel Hill. Photo courtesy of Cathie Archbould/Yukon Energy

My Other Car Is A Pair Of Hiking Boots

Motor up the three drivable peaks of the Yukon

February 2018 Katharine Sandiford
Bingo in Pang: Pack your dauber and tune in to radio bingo. Photo courtesy of Sarah on the Road.

Play Along In Pang

So, you’ve finished hiking the Akshayuk Pass and your adrenaline’s still pumping

February 2018 Up Here
Iqaluit: A night at the Storehouse. Photo courtesy of Toronto Star Rene Johnston.

Where To Get A Beer?

Booze isn't widely available in Nunavut, but you can crack a cold one in a few places

February 2018 Up Here
Quest's Best: You can help hoist the winner of the Nunavut Quest into the air in Pond Inlet in late-April. Photo by Clare Kines.

After The Hoodoos

Pond Inlet has more going on than jaw-dropping natural landscapes

February 2018 Up Here