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What a seven-canoes-turned-sailboat looks like. Photo courtesy Toban Leckie

How To Sail A Canoe

Why paddle when you can sail? Great Bear Lake can be a slog, but every once in a while the wind is...

February 2016 Daniel Campbell
Ivvavik National Park. Not Ellesmere Island, but the same concepts apply. Photo by Tim Johnson

How To Build An Airstrip On The Tundra

With your bare hands

February 2016 Samia Madwar
Step one: 4x4. Photo courtesy Karel Pekelsky

How To Drive Across A Frozen Lake...

...without an ice road

February 2016 Tim Edwards
Photo by Gabriel Rivest

The Insider's Guide to the North - November

Sometimes, when the conditions are just right, Mother Nature provides the best ice surface in the...

January 2016 Herb Mathisen
Cabin-dwellers around the fire. Photo courtesy of Fritz Mueller/Government of Yukon

The Insider's Guide to the North - December

The days are getting shorter, and the mercury is plummeting. At Yuletide, Northerners take the...

January 2016 Up Here
Paddling out to secret weekend camping spots at Hidden Lake, NWT. Photo by Tim Edwards

The Insider's Guide to the North - October

The last canoe of the season

January 2016 Tim Edwards
By early September, the fall colours along the Dempster Highway are out in force. Photo by Gerold Sigol/NWTT

The Insider's Guide to the North - September

Crazy fall colours on the Dempster Highway, and a hunt along a WWII-era trail

January 2016 Up Here
The Midway Music Festival grounds. Photo by Adam Jones, PhD/Global Photo Archive/FLICKR

The Insider's Guide to the North - August

A secluded spot along the Dempster Highway becomes a hub of activity

January 2016 Daniel Campbell
Ice boulders at low tide in Iqaluit. Photo by Herb Mathisen/Up Here

The Insider's Guide to the North - July

Summer is a time for gathering, a time for festivals, in the North

January 2016 Up Here
Your cup will runneth over at Yellowknife's Beer Barge Bash. Photo by Bill Braden

The Insider's Guide to the North - June

The month with the longest days in the North has one bubbly festival you may not know about.

January 2016 Up Here