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A boat is stuck in the ice until spring. Photo by Herb Mathisen
From Mount Pelly to the burger named after it
February 2015
Trees thin out nearing the Arctic Circle. Photo by Angela Gzowski
Roadtripping through the Sahtu the only time we could: the depths of winter
February 2015
An Iqaluimmiut man chows down on a chicken wrap from Yummy Shwarma. Photo by Scott Wright
In Iqaluit, Middle Eastern flavours fit right in
February 2015
The Church of Our Lade of Providence was built in 1899. Photo by Patrick Kane
Why you should take your time in Fort Providence, NWT, and order the doughnuts ahead of time
January 2015
Pangnirtung lies at the foot of some of Baffin Island's highest peaks. Photo by Angela Gzowski/Up Here
At the edge of Auyuittuq National Park, Pangnirtung is set to become its own tourist draw
May 2015
World-class rapids attract kayakers from around the world.
On the border of Alberta and the NWT, Fort Smith proves you don't have to go too far North of 60 to have a good time
April 2015
Logan Young leads a string of horses through the peel trail that leads to the Midnight Sun Outfitting hunting camp.
One skittish steed can make Midnight Sun Outfitting guides’ harrowing yearly journey through northern Yukon bush much more dangerous.
March 2015
From brisk runs to epic expeditions, here's our guide to dogsledding outfitters around the North
January 2015
 A photo op at Pine Lake, a 20-minute drive north of the log cabin - Black Bear Wilderness Lodge. Photo by Linda Harrison
"You get there, you look after yourself"
February 2015
Base Jumping off Mount Asgard, Baffin Island
Baffin Island’s become an unlikely mecca for some of the most extreme thrill-seekers and BASE jumpers on the planet.
November 2014