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Daniel Campbell

Famed Cape Dorset Artist Kenojuak Ashevak. Photo by Martin Lipman.
Nunavut’s most famous artist takes her place among Canada’s most well-known TV spots
September 2016
An airship hanger in Svalbard, Norway. Photo - Public Domain
Six balloon-men disappear into the Arctic air, never to be found again
September 2016
How the United States military founded Nunavut’s capital
September 2016
Fred Carmichael's flying career has spanned seven decades. Photo courtesy Fred Carmichael
How the North's first aboriginal pilot got his wings
September 2016
Joe Sparling's equally at ease piloting a Boeing 737 or his company, Air North. Photo by Ian Stewart/Yukon News
Air North has taken over the Yukon’s skies and has no plans to leave
August 2016
Photo by Émilie Smith
Max Ward took on the world with his airline, but it’s his time navigating the Northern wilderness he reveres most
August 2016
Grant McConachie was what you might call a shrewd businessman. Photo courtesy of the Fort St. John North Peace Museum
Grant McConachie could wheel and deal on the fly
August 2016
Photo by Chris Colbourne/Yukon News
In the North, we still live according to the laws of the wild
July 2016
The polar bear is getting more attention than ever, but that may be harming the animal more than helping.
July 2016
Pipsi, char traditionally dried (not smoked) in the sun, is rich in protein. Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here
A white explorer dives into the all-meat diet, 100 years before the 'Paleo' diet was a thing
June 2016