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Daniel Campbell

Paleontologist Elizabeth Hall stands on an exposure of permafrost at a placer mine, where Ice Age mammal bones are typically found. Photo courtesy of Government of Yukon
Placer miners in the Yukon are churning out ice age bones at an industrial rate
November 2015
Illustration by Beth Covvey
Shapeshifters, a haunted hotel, the echoes of past wars—here’s what happens in the North when the sun goes down.
October 2015
The historic MacPherson House, built in 1936 and located above the flats. Photo Daniel Campbell
It's the jumping off point to the Nahanni--but what can you actually do in town?
August 2015
Bush pilot Dave Olesen at his remote Hoarfrost River home. Photo: Kristen Gilbertson Olesen
Are the North's skies finally too crowded for the adventurous pilot to create their own air space?
August 2015
Ulukhaktok boasts the world's northernmost golf course. Photo courtesy Peggy Jay-IRC
Desert courses, tundra greens and raven hazards—if you thought you couldn't putt North of 60, you were wrong. The sport's just a little more rugged up here.
July 2015
Hit the right spots; if you know where to go, you're golden.
June 2015
The latest trend in the North? Tiny, mobile homes. Photo courtesy ATA Pop Homes & Leaf House
The North’s unique set of circumstances, demands and demographics typically go against a company’s bottom line. But these entrepreneurs have taken those challenges head on and are proving that an unconventional idea can go a long way when you understand the North.
May 2015
This artwork appears in a children's book, Yamozha and his Beaver Wife, illustrated by Tlicho artist Archie Beaulieu. It's available via Amazon and Theytus Books
A Herculean myth that served as a map, a unifier and an inspiration
April 2015
Remembering an impossible friendship.
March 2015
A woman and child stand in front of the Bone House on Herschel Island, where two Inuit men were hanged for murder in 1924. PWNHC: N-1991-041-0065
The spectacle of Canada's first trial in the Far North was little more than a show of force
April 2015