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Herb Mathisen

It's 2026 and the situation is dire. No more so than in the North.
February 2016
Photo by Gabriel Rivest
Sometimes, when the conditions are just right, Mother Nature provides the best ice surface in the world.
January 2016
The front deck of the Mackenzie Rest Inn overlooks the mighty Mackenzie River. Photo by Herb Mathisen/Up Here
It used to be an RCMP lock-up. Believe us when we say it's come a long way.
January 2016
Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here
It's been nearly 20 years since Yellowknife (or the NWT, for that matter) has had its own brews. For one Northerner, it's a party well worth the wait
January 2016
Downtown Cambridge Bay at the end of December. Photo by Herb Mathisen/Up Here
New Year's Eve in Cambridge Bay
December 2015
Or how I learned to stop worrying and (try to) trust in consensus government
December 2015
Tanya Tagaq weaves magic at a homecoming show in Yellowknife last July. Photo by Hannah Eden
Her daring, determination and talent brought her success. But it's how Tanya Tagaq used that success that lands her on our shortlist.
December 2015
You have to spend money to not lose money
November 2015
Making sense of the territorial government’s foray into the mining biz
November 2015
The Northern fibre loop. Courtesy Northwestel
The odd timing of the Yukon's fibre line announcement
October 2015