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Herb Mathisen

 Can this man really extend a Northern summer? If you're a pepper, then, yes he can. Photo by Daren Gallo
A Yukon greenhouse aficionado has given Northern green thumbs a leg-up on winter.
June 2016
Flying in fast food. Illustration by Beth Covvey
Where a Big Mac is a really big deal
June 2016
Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here
Chewing the fat with Dene elder, raconteur and renaissance man, Joe Mackenzie
June 2016
A taiga takeoff. The Swedish Space Corp. launches rockets from its Esrange site, north of the Arctic Circle. Photo courtesy ESA/Esrange/Lars Thulin
What the NWT can learn from Sweden's space town
May 2016
The view from Sisimiut, Greenland. Photo courtesy Greenland Travel
You’re probably familiar with Nunavut’s crippling housing crisis. It needs thousands of houses, but construction costs are astronomical, and utilities, heating and annual maintenance costs for existing homes continues to rise–to $26,000 per unit in 2015. What might be done to build more and build better?
May 2016
Svartifoss Falls, Iceland. Photo courtesy Javier Losa
I'm probably just a really, really terrible person
May 2016
Eastbound’s felt at home in Dawson this winter, surrounded by like-minded, hands-on folks: “Everyone up here is just automatically DIY because they were raised that way.” All photos courtesy Cud Eastbound
Dawson City’s Cud Eastbound turns his van into a warm and cozy abode.
April 2015
Virginia Falls, in Nahanni National Park. Photo courtesy George Fischer/NWTT
How the NWT's biggest waterfall compares to Niagara
April 2016
The Whitehorse Dam. Its construction drowned the capital's namesake White Horse Rapids, which now lie beneath Lake Schwatka. Photo courtesy Archbould Photography/Yukon Energy
Hydro electricity is often seen as the panacea to the North’s energy woes—and for good reason. It’s cleaner than diesel, it’s worked up here for more than a century, and the natural potential is boundless. But remember, nothing’s perfect.
April 2016
The MV Lafferty, captained by Graham Cox, battles the Liard River current in the Deh Cho. Photo: Herb Mathisen/Up Here, Photo illustration: Beth Covvey
Small-talk from the captain's nest of the Fort Simpson ferry
April 2016