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Daniel Campbell

Whaling crews in the 1890s played an extreme version of baseball on the winter sea ice around Herschel Island, off the coast of the Yukon. The local Inuit were their biggest—and rowdiest—fans. Image from National Baseball Hall of Fame, BL-2540.93
Whalers at a 19th century Arctic outpost keep (relatively) sane with America’s pastime
March 2016
And some advice for anyone crazy enough to try it.
February 2016
Once the herd was spotted, the men would make wolf sounds to scare the caribou into the corral. Women and children would line the fence to keep the caribou headed towards the ambush point, where a team of men would be ready with spears and arrows to slaughter them. Illustration by Beth Covvey
How an ingenious hunting practice let the Tłįchǫ survive in the harsh North
February 2016
What a seven-canoes-turned-sailboat looks like. Photo courtesy Toban Leckie
Why paddle when you can sail? Great Bear Lake can be a slog, but every once in a while the wind is just right.
February 2016
Why Husky Oil left the shores of Great Slave Lake with its tail between its legs
November 2015
The Midway Music Festival grounds. Photo by Adam Jones, PhD/Global Photo Archive/FLICKR
A secluded spot along the Dempster Highway becomes a hub of activity
January 2016
The Pellissey homestead is perched above the wide Mackenzie River. Photo by Daniel Campbell/Up Here
In today's Northwest Territories, few venture outside the comforts of a community to carve out their own lodgings. One family is breaking that mould.
December 2015
If you're invited to dance during a Baker Lake community event at 1:00 a.m., how can you say no? Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here
Lessons from a late night dance session in Baker Lake
November 2015
Carver Jerry Ell breaks out blocks of limestone on Bear Island, near Coral Harbour, Nunavut. Photo courtesy Government of Nunavut
Here's how that beautiful soapstone carving got to your display case
November 2015
Nunavut's only inland community. Photo by Hannah Eden
Nunavut's thriving mining town (that doesn't look like a mining town at all)
November 2015