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The Wood Pellet Squat Thrust

The Wood Pellet Squat Thrust

Good for: Legs (glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps) and lugging around 40-lb bags of wood pellets.
By Samia Madwar
Mar 11
From the March 2016 Issue

1) Holding a wood pellet bag in your arms, part your feet a little wider than shoulder-width and squat down. 

2) Straighten your knees and...

3) ...lift the bag over your head. Then bring the bag back to shoulder height and bend your knees to squat back down.

The workout: Aim for five reps, or as many times as you can stand, really. Bonus: When you’re in the squat, hold the pellet bag out in front of you, and pulse 10 times before straightening your knees. Remember this moment the next time you dream of having a pellet stove in your Northern cabin.