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April/May 2018

Ever wondered how healthcare works in a place where airplanes replace ambulances? In our April/May issue we talk to the people who make sure Northerners—coming from cities connected by highways and communities only reachable by air and water—get the care they need. Spoiler alert: it's not easy.

We also talk to Yellowknife cartoonist and author Alison McCreesh about her latest project, a series of postcards she illustrated on a trip around the Circumpolar North. It turns out, parts of Russia and Greenland have a lot in common with the Canadian North. And in the Yukon, we follow a new paddling trend: boats that fit in a backpack.

There's a lot more inside, so don't miss this issue.

In This Issue

Illustration by Beth Covvey

Stuck In The Overflow

What to do when your Ski-Doo becomes a Sea-Doo

By Dwayne Wohlgemuth
May 03

On Name Changes

You may not agree with Natan Obed’s positions, but respect where they come from.

By Elaine Anselmi
May 02
Joe Hess, owner of Nunavut Country Food. Photo by Herb Mathisen

Keeping Stock

Joe Hess and Iqaluit’s one-stop country food shop

By Herb Mathisen
Apr 25
One of many reels of film discovered in Dawson City in 1978. The reels, dating back to the golden days of black-and-white moving pictures, had been buried since 1929 and thought lost. Courtesy Kino Lorber

Movie Motherlode

From a derelict swimming pool to the silver screen, Bill Morrison on his found-footage epic Dawson City: Frozen Time.

By Michael Engelhard
Apr 23

Northern Health Care By The Numbers

And why it's a very different picture than anywhere else in the country...

By Up Here
Apr 16
Nunavut Lifeline: Medics rush a patient in Arviat onto a King Air 200 for a medevac to Manitoba before a winter storm hits. Photo by Paul Aningat.

Between Good Health And Home

Stories from the frontlines of Northern health care

By Elaine Anselmi, Herb Mathisen, Jessica Davey-Quantick, Katharine Sandiford
Apr 09


The winner of the 2017 Sally Manning Award for Indigenous Creative Non-Fiction

By Dennis Allen
Apr 04
Photo by Robert Kautuk

Summer School

Our April/May Arctic Moment is a look at outdoor education here in the North

By Robert Kautuk
Apr 02
Photo courtesy Clare Kines

Postal Connections

Arctic Bay photographer Clare Kines gets the stamp of approval. Twice.

By Herb Mathisen
Apr 02