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October/November 2013

297: October/November 2013

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Illustrations by Monika Melnychuk

The Quest for the Holy Grolar

It may be the Arctic's rarest, most fearsome animal, and it's never been photographed on the ground. Only a select group of elite hunters have gotten close enough to take a shot. Then Kelsey Eliasson came along.

By Kelsey Eliasson
Oct 26
Illustration by Monika Melnychuk

How fasting made me furious

In the land where the sun doesn’t set, she planned to give up food from dawn to dusk. Could she stomach it?

By Samia Madwar
Oct 13

Where Trappers Gather

Every winter, Manitoba’s trappers head to the Thompson Fur Table to sell their wares at what’s become the industry’s busiest, fuzziest family reunion

By Margo Pfeiff
Oct 01