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Eva Holland

Alaska, acrylic on paper, 11x17. Artwork courtesy of Ted Harrison
Northern artists pay tribute to a beloved, inspiring painter
March 2015
Image: Shutterstock
The North has always been a refuge for misfits – a place of dark pasts and secret lives, a hideout for men on the run. For ages, they’ve fled to our hinterlands, taking on new names and new personas.
December 2013
Bringing out the dead: hauling bodies by sled from the summit of the pass, April 3, 1898. Yukon Archives, Anton Vogee Fonds, #71
They'd already risked it all to get this far. The red flags of an avalanche wouldn't stop them.
January 2014
Photo by Pat Kane/Up Here
Find out which Yukon bumper sticker is right for you.
December 2015
One composter's "organic residuals" are Garret Gillespie's treasure.
December 2015
Jessica Frotten was paralyzed from the waist down after a car crash on the Alaska Highway in 2009. Now she's reaching for the Rio Paralympics.
December 2015
Marsha Cameron and Sylvain Turcotte went from offering seasonal mountain biking tours, to year-round, near Carcross, Yukon
December 2015
A young man, depressed, desperate. In the North, it's too common. But the death of Julian Tologanak-Labrie was anything but.
November 2012
How they've always done it: Though the technology has advanced, placer mining hasn't changed a whole lot since the days of the Klondike gold rush. Photo provided by the Glenbow Archives, NA-4033-1
Nearly 120 years after the Klondike Gold Rush, the Yukon's placer miners are still going strong
November 2015