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What do you do when you roll into Fort Simpson, NWT, at midnight? Check out their golf course, obviously.
July 2015
By Katie Weaver
June 2015
Why a prodigal son has returned to his roots in the Yukon
July 2013
Summer in the North is frantic with antics: floatplane rallies, salmon-fishing derbies, midnight-sun rock fests and more. Wanna fit it all in before the snow flies? Follow this handy guide to the next nine weeks of your life.
July 2013
Illustration by Tonia Cowan
Climate change is allowing biting flies to move farther North, partly because it’s getting warmer, and partly because it’s raining more often in the summer, creating more soggy breeding grounds.
July 2014
Clockwise: traditional pipsi, caught, brined dried and voila—the essence of char; candied char belly, brined with brown sugar, it melts in your mouth; mesquite and regular flavoured char sticks, for fish-lovers on the go. Photo by Angela Gzaowski
Rankin Inlet’s Kivalliq Arctic Food blends tradition with innovation.
July 2014
Alexandra Falls is one of several highlights of the Mackenzie Highway waterfall route. Photo by Adam Hill
How to dive into an iceberg, swim with canaries of the sea, avoid seamonsters in the Arctic—and much more. Take a plunge into our 15 top watery Northern getaways.
July 2014
Riverfront roots: Whitehorse, circa the turn of the last century, where paddle-wheeled steamers lined the shores of the Yukon River to carry on good from the end of the White Pass railway.
Whiskey Flats is long gone, but Whitehorse's makeshift community left a memorable mark
May 2015
Illustration by Michael Byers
A peek behind the scenes of the business of running a Northern lodge: from blizzards, bear invasions and caretakers gone crazy, to the ever-changing face of tourism.
July 2014
Trees thin out nearing the Arctic Circle. Photo by Angela Gzowski
Roadtripping through the Sahtu the only time we could: the depths of winter
February 2015