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Tim Edwards

The aurora shimmer over Pangnirtung, Nunavut in winter. www.michaelhdavies.com
Some say the shimmering Northern Lights dance through the sky. The Inuit say they play ball.
March 2016
The Takhini Hot Springs. Photo by Takhini Hot Pools
How to find peace in the great outdoors
March 2016
Pingos dot the landscape along the road winding south out of Tuktoyaktuk. Ryan Yakeleya, an E. Gruben's employee, drives a grader toward the Tuk-Inuvik highway worksite. Photo by Angela Gzowski
There's a highway being built to the Arctic Ocean. Finally, the national dream of 'coast to coast to coast' is coming true. The people making it happen? They're our Northerners of the Year.
December 2013
Photo: Shutterstock
Without falling through
February 2016
Pictured: how not to. Photo: Shutterstock
And have your house remain where it is
February 2016
Step one: 4x4. Photo courtesy Karel Pekelsky
...without an ice road
February 2016
Paddling out to secret weekend camping spots at Hidden Lake, NWT. Photo by Tim Edwards
The last canoe of the season
January 2016
Illustration by Beth Covvey
Sometimes, in the North, you actually do have to reinvent the snowmobile.
February 2016
Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here
The NWT then and now, with its former premier and current senator Nick Sibbeston
January 2016
War and peace along the Peel River
January 2016