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Tim Edwards

The only reindeer herd in the Canadian Arctic. Photo courtesy of Jason Van Bruggen/NWTT
After 100 years, reindeer in Canada’s Arctic have gone from outcasts and undesirables to tourist attractions and culinary staples. Meet the herd and the man at the forefront of a new Northern tradition.
January 2016
Image courtesy of Steve Skroce
In a new comic series, the U.S. invades Canada for its water. But a resistance swells above the 60th parallel.
December 2015
There's a theory that the geological anomaly underneath Darnley Bay, NWT, was caused by a massive prehistoric meteorite impact. Photo: Shutterstock
The North's biggest potential mining project is also its most mysterious
November 2015
Archeologists excavate one of the houses at Kuukpak, located along the Mackenzie River, earlier this year. Photo courtesy of Max Friesen
For four centuries, Kuukpak, located in the Western Arctic along the Mackenzie River, was the richest, busiest summer settlement around
November 2015
What would you endure for a rare plot of land in the Northern wilderness?
November 2015
Carmen Braden captures nature with her recorder, absorbs it through her headphones, processes it into music and exports it through her piano. Photo: Bill Braden
To tell the story of the North's ice cycles, Yellowknife composer Carmen Braden translates nature into music
October 2015
Tensions, compromise, allegiances and betrayal: how consensus government really works
September 2015
Photo: Hannah Eden/Up Here
You pretty much have to love the outdoors. The rest depends on how you feel about boutique shopping, road trips, and snow in July.
September 2015
The Cirque of the Unclimbables, in Nahanni National Park, NWT. Photo Gary Bremner
Europeans arrived in North America looking for wealth and the Pole. Explorers defied death for glory. But what drives today’s adventurers?
August 2015
The Northern charm of a government charter
May 2015