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The trip started on the road. Kat Siepmann had struck a deal with Yukon Alpine Heliski Ltd. to drive up from Vancouver towing behind her a small shack on wheels—custom-built by the company’s owner, complete with a functioning woodstove. She’d be put to work a little once she got there. In return, she too would get to ski and take photos at the very top of the St. Elias Mountains, in southwestern Yukon.

After two days of driving, she arrived at Fraser, B.C., near the Yukon and Alaska borders. The company had set up a temporary basecamp here, from which they travelled around the area. Yukon Alpine Heliski Ltd. aims to give their interpretation of an authentic Yukon experience: skiing the mountains (the lower portions accessible by snowmobile and Hagglund, the summits by minutes-long helicopter rides), getting toured around the area, partying with locals and eating local cuisine.

Not a bad deal at all.

All photos by Kat Siepmann