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Our 35th-anniversary special takes a trip back in time to chronicle the story of the North from the past 35 years, as only Up Here can tell it. Plus, we've got stories of terrifying Inuit monsters, busting the ghosts of Rankin Inlet's haunted fire hall, and a quest to grow the perfect northern apple. October is also election time in the NWT, which means it's time once again to talk about party politics versus consensus government. All this plus much, much more.

In This Issue

Giant was one of the longest continuous gold mining operations in all of Canadian mining history before it closed in ’99. PHOTO VIA CP IMAGES/ADRIAN WYLD

35 Years In The North: The Second Decade

The end of a mining era, the birth of a territory, and northern stars shine bright.

By Up Here
Sep 18
Over the past 35 years, we've featured a polar bear on the cover 12 times (most recently in March of this year).

35 Years In The North: The First Decade

Land claims were negotiated, Giant Mine exploded, and the world looked north.

By Jacob Boon
Sep 16