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From Up Here's October issue, here are more of photographer Hannah Eden's shots from the fashion feature and a few words from the creative mind behind the looks:

Members of the Dakhá Khwáan Dancers Kluane Adamek, Marillyn Jensen, Megan Jensen, Helen Allan and Kara Lepine wear beaded ‘granny handkerchiefs’ made with vintage beads by Dickson Designs.

Dickson Designs
The Designer: Heather Dickson
The Place: Yukon

The Story: “Growing up in the North I was always seeing the grannies in their multi-coloured hankies. I got one from my granny when she passed, and I just couldn’t rock it like she did. So I cut it up. People at school kind of laughed, saying, those are for grannies. But then one day my friend messaged me saying she was interested in buying one. I thought, how can I make this prettier for her? So I got some beadwork on there.

"I had decided that it was time for people to see Northern beadwork. I thought it’d be selfish of me to just show the world my own, so that’s why I get beadwork from women all over the Yukon and Northwest Territories. Each headband comes with a card that says who did the beadwork, where they are from, what their culture is. It’s important for the people getting these headbands to do a bit of learning too.”