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Tim Edwards

A night of unsolved mysteries on the shores of Great Bear Lake
July 2016
The Bolkhovitinov DB-A, a Soviet long-range bomber prototype, disappeared in 1937 in an experimental flight over the North Pole from Moscow to the United States. Photo: Public Domain
Enduring mysteries of the Northern skies, from missing people to missing planes
August 2016
Photo by Wayne Lynch
Mainland muskoxen are back from the brink and they're winding up in the most curious of places. It’s hard to tell why they’ve wandered so far from home, but one thing’s for sure: change is afoot.
July 2016
Photo - Creative Commons public domain
Or, grocery stores and the death of story
June 2016
Labrador tea, steeped, is high in vitamin C and a good relaxant.
17 nutritional and medicinal plants that crop up in the North's summertime
June 2016
Shred the sweet Swedish powder. Henrik Trygg/imagebank.sweden.se
Though the polar nations have much in common, each have their unique outdoors attractions. Here are some of our favourites.
May 2016
Alaska Highway, 1942. The first vehicle to traverse the Alaska Highway was a U.S. Army jeep. Library Oof Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, FSH/OWI Collection, LC-USW 33-000941-ZC
Caught between global powers, Canada's North in wartime was a place of incredible feats, ravaging disease and irreversible change.
May 2016
Photo illustration by Beth Covvey
As the disparity in access to fresh water grows across the globe, it won’t be long before the Canadian North is confronted with an awkward proposition.
April 2016
The water levels were likely higher when dinosaurs swam in this sea, as is evidenced by the rock hanging precariously above our travellers. Photos by Eric Binion and Bob Saunders
A 1,700-kilometre trek across ice, sea and tundra in the heart of Nunavut
April 2016
Photo by Geoff Foster
Wind and wildlife on the NWT's Emile River
April 2016